At NorthStar-Techs, our mission is to empower medical imaging facilities with state-of-the-art IT solutions, ensuring seamless operations and data security. We are committed to being a trusted partner, providing tailored services that enhance efficiency, reduce downtime, and ultimately contribute to improved patient care. Our mission is centered on delivering unparalleled value through expertise, innovation, and a client-centric approach.


Our vision at NorthStar-Techs is to be a pioneer in healthcare IT, recognized for our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. We aim to transform the technological landscape of medical imaging facilities, fostering a future where healthcare professionals can leverage advanced IT solutions effortlessly. By continuously adapting to emerging technologies and evolving industry needs, we aspire to be the go-to partner for healthcare organizations seeking cutting-edge, reliable IT services.

Why NorthStar-Techs LLC?

We understand that choosing an IT partner is a critical decision. Here’s why we stand out:

Personalized Approach: As a single-employee business, we offer a level of personalization and attention
to detail that larger firms can’t match. You’re not just a client; you’re a valued partner in your business’s

Expertise: With over 50 years of industry experience, we’ve honed our skills and knowledge to stay
ahead of the ever-evolving tech landscape. You can trust us to provide cutting-edge solutions tailored to
your unique needs.

Client-Centric Focus: Your success is our top priority. We’re not satisfied until you are. We take the time
to understand your challenges, goals, and vision, ensuring that our IT strategies align perfectly with your
business objectives.

Team Members

Mike North, Founder & President
Mike North, the visionary founder and president of NorthStar-Techs LLC, has dedicated nearly a decade
to mastering the complexities of the managed services industry. His journey began with a desire to
break free from the limitations and red tape of larger organizations, paving the way for a company
where every technological challenge could be met head-on with unparalleled expertise.

Mike’s career spans a diverse spectrum, from hands-on electronics repairs to managing large-scale
projects for medical service providers. He specializes in medical IT, boasting extensive knowledge of
DICOM, PACS, EMR, RIS, HL7, FHIR, and various imaging modalities. His skills extend to network
administration, hardware management, and maintaining strict regulatory compliance.

At the heart of NorthStar-Techs lies a commitment to excellence in customer service, where Mike’s
ability to communicate complex issues in a clear and understandable manner sets him apart in the
industry. Clients consistently praise him for transforming challenging situations into positive

With a mission to empower healthcare providers through cutting-edge technology solutions, NorthStar-
Techs is poised for the future. Their vision includes integrating AI, enhancing data analytics, bolstering
cybersecurity, and supporting telemedicine. As healthcare technology evolves, NorthStar-Techs remains
at the forefront, dedicated to delivering the highest standards of care and innovation.

Vivi North, Office Manager
Vivi North is a dedicated office manager with 3 years’ experience in office administration and management in the medical field. She is known for her strong interpersonal skills and ability to create efficient and supportive work environments with clear and open communication for all. In her free time, she enjoys creative pursuits and playing her bass guitar. You will often find her somewhere in nature when she is not passionately working in the office. 

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